June 26 2014

Multi-Cultural Wedding

What do you get when you cross a Chuppah with a Mariachi Band?

One of the most intimate and happy weddings I have ever photographed!

Located on the waterfront of San Leandro by Oyster Bay Shoreline with sweeping views of San Francisco, this location would be the envy of any wedding event planner. However, it just so happened to be the home of the groom's mother and was the perfect location for this intimate multi-cultural wedding ceremony! The Chuppah, the traditional Jewish canopy symbolizing the home that the couple will build together, was set up on the deck overlooking the bay and could not have been more picturesque. Shortly following the ceremony, the reception came to life with the arrival of an 8-piece Mariachi band and with them, a night of dancing and singing of traditional songs created such a warm and fun evening that I, as the photographer, had a hard time keeping focused on taking photos vs joining into the celebration with such an inviting family.

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