Beach Party In Winter

February 7 2015

While the east coast is being hit with blizzards, last Sunday in SF was clear skies and a sun that was toasting the waterfront, so what better way to make the most of it than to celebrate your birthday than with a beach party with your closest friends!

The birthday girl was suprised with me showing up to take shots and while just standing around and taking candids of a group of 25 yo's could be a bit awkward, I quickly put her friends to work by handing out my lighting gear to them and assigning them roles such as Light Reflector crew, Strobe Light Technicians, LED Fill Light Specialist and when the gear ran out, I declared some of the remaining friends as Hair and Make up staff and even Art Director.

From there, I had my crew, we had the birthday girl ready to throw down her best modeling poses and off we went to a hill top for sweeping views of the ocean and bridge and for the next hour, we had a blast just hamming it up for the camera.

The birthday gir's initial reaction was that she didnt' like being photographed, but as the photo of all her friends putting her in the spotlight show, by making photography fun, it eases the mind and body and quickly turned it into a fun group evernt and I left with some great images to commenorate her day!

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