February 26th 2015

Kenu Products and Volcano Diving!

Kenu celebrating its new office space and expanding product line while showcasing amazing imagery captured by Sam Cossman’s insane descent into the fiery depths of the Marum Crater volcano!

Last night was a field day of photo opts as guests poured into the new Kenu office for their office warming party, complete with DJs, food truck, champagne and the walls covered with amazing images of Sam Cossman’s death defying decent into Marum Crater; a place fewer people have visited than having gone to the moon.

Even the lava suit used to protect Sam from the heat as he walked to the crater’s edge was on hand where I encouraged guests to saddle up next to lava suit man for some fun shots, since this would be about as close as any one of us will be getting to that volcano.

Check out his decent here: http://www.samcossman.com/#sam-cossman

Kenu products were also proudly illustrated on the walls, showcasing the sleek blend of urban style with outdoor practicality that quickly turned Kenu product concepts into mobile phone accessories that are now flying off the shelves. Check out everything Kenu here: http://www.kenu.com/

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