February 20th 2015

Making Conventions look FUN!

How do you capture a photo of a person delivering a presentation look interesting?

Patience! And a whole lot of it!

It’s nothing against the person making the presentation but a photo of someone speaking or a photo of someone sitting and listening isn’t exactly the most riveting of subject matter. It’s also very easy to take bad photos of someone speaking- mouth wide open, eyes half shut, head tilted back, you name it.

However, as a photographer, I start listening to what is being said and HOW it’s being said and I start lining up my shots based on the timing of the dialogue. When I feel a speaker is just about to hit home with a point, I know they will take a split second to stop and look out on the crowd. That’s my split second to capture the presenter with mouth closed, eyes open and looking out on the audience. When I hear the speaker lining up the punchline to a really bad joke, I start panning across the audience waiting to capture the smiles and rolling eyes triggered from that punchline to show the audience engaged, alive and interactive with the presentation. I am always looking for angles to line up the presenter with the slide show being referenced in the background so there is context to the image and not just a talking head behind the podium. I’ll even come around behind the presenter to show the audience and the big picture of the event and venue to give some depth to the images.

These are the shots my clients can use to tweet during their convention showing it full of attendees, alive with energy, and engaged presenters as well as use for marketing their next events to give their target audience a feel for what their conventions are all about.​

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