February 7th 2015

Meals on Wheels Recipient Shoot

Another example of why being a photographer has been such a rewarding experience for me!

Meals on Wheels, Oakland, was in need of new images to show their story of volunteers deliverying warm meals to those in need within the Oakland community. I synched up with their delivery route over two days and entered neighborhoods I have never been to before and into homes that were completely nondescript on the outside, yet upon ringing the doorbell, we were welcomed into the homes of some wonderfully amazing and gracious people whose rich history of the area gave me renewed appreciation of those within our community. From the 91 year old woman who walked across the Golden Gate Bridge on it's opening day in 1937 to one of Oakland's first African Amercian fire fighters in the 1950's, each receipient had wonderful moments to share with us about their experiences so long ago, yet described to us like it just happended yesterday.

This project was such a great reminder that one just never knows what great things are all around us if we just go a little bit out of our way to find it.

Thank you Meals on Wheels, Oakland!

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