April 15 2015

Parents are shocked when they see what this little boy does next.

Steven Gregory Photography l_ET27235 copy

He turns and voluntarily poses for the camera! How sweet of him! (I thought I'd have a go at clickbait! :-)

You know that aggravating feeling of wanting just ONE nice photo of your child and they just will not cooperate and the opportunity is missed.

I get that all the time when photographing families with children- what kid WANTS to get dressed up and stand next to their parents for photos?!?! Sure maybe for one or two shots with silly grins, but the challenge is how to win over a child who just wants to run around and at worst, turns me trying to take a good photo of him or her into a game of hiding their face and only turning to me with silly expressions.

Well, the one upper hand I have is patience and I know that the silly face game will run it's course, so I am more than happy to play, chase after them, take photos of the silly faces, show the images to them to get laughs and giggles, and as that game gets old, they settle down and just like with this super cute kid here, when I called to him and he turned around, he just gave me this great expression free of silliness, no forced grin, no affectation- just looking comfortably back at the camera that makes me see him not just as a fun, silly child, but a young boy growing up into his own individuality faster than his parents could have imagined.

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