August 4th 2014

Super Husband Heeds Call to Marry!

No 9-5 office job can contain the call of love this man has for his finance!

Looking for the ultimate photo to bring down the house during his wedding day reception speech, this new husband wanted an image that clearly declared his love and passion for the woman of his dreams in a fun and heartfelt fashion. We played around with many backdrop ideas- everything from breath taking vistas of the city, to shooting in midst of the financial district amongst the throngs of commuters, but the idea of having him larger than life in the lobby of the very building where they were to be married clicked as the right place to be for this shot!

Timing was everything as we worked around people making their way in and out of the lobby to isolate just him in the frame- expressions ran the gamut of looking up and away with a stoic air, to this clear winner of an expression complete with veins popping from his hands from the tearing away of his shirt to the intensity of his expression that let's his fiancé and the world know that he is her man.

Congratulations to the newly weds who just tied the knot Aug 2nd and to the Super Husband who helped make that night that much more fun and memorable!

Lifestyle Photography
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