August 8th 2014

The BEST testimonial EVER!

If you are looking for a photographer that makes you and your kids at ease, these photos taken by one of the mom's from this shoot says it all!

Shooting at a family reunion with many little kids running around and playing in the backyard was a field day for candids. Initially, they were wondering who the big guy with the camera was, but as soon as I got down to their level and started hamming it up a bit with them, they were LOVING the attention of being photographed.

These guys were great, in both completely ignoring me while playing so that I could capture true candids, but then also willing to pose in fun, goofy and even sincere ways for some of the best kid photos I have ever taken.

Apparently, they accepted me as one of their own- the boy blind-sided me by jumping on my back while I was crouched down for a shot . And the girl? Well, I was standing there and reviewing photos when she suddenly ran to me, grabbed my arm, planted her heel into my hip and propelled herself up and onto my shoulders for a better view of the photos I just took of her!

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