January 29 2016

Throwing a little Life Style photography into your Head Shot Session!

Throwing a little life style and fun into your head shot session! My client wanted traditional studio head shots for his Linkedin Profile, but also wanted portraits of him showing some context, color, depth and personality.

We stepped out of the studio after capturing a series of head shots and I brought us to this environment that has warm, rich colors, cool geometry, texture and perfect, soft light. With the background and lighting lined up, the last key ingredient is to for the client to let that inner awesome feeling out and have that energy come through in their body language and expression.

That is a HUGE ask, especially when shooting in public! In this shot, we started with him just standing there an posing, but we all turn into statues and our grins look strained and fake a few seconds in, so I asked him to break from that pose, step away and walk back into position and just give me that GQ, “No look off into the distance” expression just to get his body moving and loose, the heart pumping and have a little fun with our shoot.

I think he killed it, especially given he’s looking at all the tourists who slowed down to watch us! Right back at ya, people!

Stay tuned for the final shot that will be in Forbes Magazine’s 30 under 30 edition!

Untitled photo
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