Sept 20 2014

You and your best friend

Your best friend welcomes you home each and every day with unconditional love. Your best friend always makes you feel better just by being there. Your best friend "gets" you and never judges. And when you think of your best friend, a warmth from within brings out that smile and sense of happiness in you.

Pet photography is not limited to just taking a photo of your pet, but can open the door to capturing you in your element and celebrating that bond you share with your pet through authentic moments shared between the two of you. Be it outdoors with a stunning background and capturing that carefree energy you two share in the outdoors, in the home in a controlled setting to capture the quiet and soulful moments you share with your pet, or shooting in studio to create impactful images that highlight just the two of you, pet photography is a wonderful experience that brings out naturally brings out the authentic expression in you gives you the experience to really celebrate and appreciate your connection and feeling with your best friend.

If you ever caught yourself thinking the all to common feeling that, "I don't photograph well", just look at these images below- these expressions have nothing to do with me prying them out of the person or the person digging deep to fake a smile- these expressions are simply the real you coming out when in your element with your best friend.

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