About Me

Capturing People in Their Element. 

That's my tag line, which is about us creating a sense of excitement around the shoot and us working together to create images that will make you feel great when sharing with the world!

For Professional Head shots

It's about us connecting and working together to bring out your authentic expressions that convey a sense of professional approachability the moment your prospective client sees your image.

For Events

It's about us taking the time to discuss the look and feel of the images you want captured and me having the comfort to work seamlessly amongst your guests to capture candids or engaging with them to pull out the expressions and energy you want.

For Creative Portraits

It's about us brainstorming fun and creative ideas that best capture your lifestyle, hobby or vocation that you want captured in compelling fashion to get your audience engaged with who you are and what you do.

For Family Portraits

It's about me connecting with family members of all ages to make them feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera and us turning the session into a fun experience!

For Pet Photography

Any pet owner knows it's all about the connection and I let your best friend warm up to me on their terms and from there, we all work together in lining up the scene that makes for amazing photos.

Capturing me in MY element!

I'm relatively new to motorcycles and love the physics of riding them- entering into  corners at the correct speed, hitting that apex, then accelerating out of the turn- it's such a cool feeling and I love how these photos evoke that energy each time I look at them.

Thanks Dave Donovan Photography for capturing me in my happy place!

Untitled photo

Selfie Time!

Ok, these are not technically selfies, so much as me testing lighting in my studio and when no one else is around, then I'm my own subject!  But it's great to turn the tables and be on the other side of the lens to feel what it's like having that camera and lighting starting back at me!

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  • Portraits

Am I good with kids?

Well, this is just about the best testimonial I will get on that!  I love getting down on their level, running around and playing with them and it's right there where all the cool shots are to be had! In this case, I was photographing this girl and she also wanted to see the images, but before I could bend down to show her, she had already launched herself up on me like a jungle gym to get the best view!  

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  • Take 5

Surf's Up for this Product Shoot!

I live close to the beach and what a great location for sunset photos for couples and families and in the case of this shoot getting right in there for some great action shots!

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  • Surf's Up!

Lights, Action, Camera!

Here I am ready to shoot on the read carpet, at the bridge teaching a photography 101 class, and when that San Francisco weather gives it to us, capturing that golden hour at the beach! 

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  • The Golden Hour- perfect light!
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Photos from the past

I like thinking what my parents were like, who they were, what they did before they had kids-  I like this shot of my dad because I think maybe my mom just felt like taking his photo for the sake of taking it, was in a silly mode or was enamored in the moment by him. The photo of them walking towards Chateau Chantily makes me feel happy for them- a young, carefree and healthy time in their lives.  My mom was the one who took most of our family photos and this image of her really interests me because I wonder what was she about to photograph that my dad, in turn, had his own camera in hand to take this photo of her?

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  • img922 backside scan- July 1963
  • I think and wonder a lot when looking at photographs.
Here's a photo of my mom- I assume my dad is taking the photograph, but during a time when people weren't carrying cameras with them all the time, why does he have one and why is he photographing right back at her when she appears to be the one trying to take a photo?  And where are they? It appears to be taken on a stairwell landing and given they are shooting film, seems like an odd place to burn through a roll.  I will never know but photos like this are amazing ways for me to think about my parents in new ways.

What's the story!?!

I really love this photo for so many reasons which shares a little insight about me!  First, that's my grandfather second from the left and the image is taken in his home. But that's all I know about it! Who are these people, why are they all dressed up and drinking, what are they all looking so intently at  on the table except for the one young woman who turns and poses for the camera?  And who is the person taking the photo!? I love how a candid shot can have such great composition, lighting and generate rich imagination as to the story behind it!

This photo sums up well my inspiration in being a photography and what I want to

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