Photo of the Day

This is me sharing photos of things I come across during my day that make me stop in my tracks to smell that proverbial rose and try to capture and write about that feeling.

Jan 2 2023

It was a slippery muddy hike up to the top with all the recent rain we have been having, so my goal quickly became simply not to fall up the hill!  I recently watched the series Wednesday and  the movie Alice in Wonderland, so these two trees looked like an invitation to another world if one just walked between them and under the fallen tree just beyond, but it was time for me to get down the hill;  perhaps another day I will return to see where it takes me!

Upper Sea Foam Trail Kennedy Grove Regional Park

Jan 2 2023 Kennedy Grove Top Upper Sea Foam Trail IMG_4841

Jan 3 2022

I was leaving my place and started walking along the outside courtyard when I looked down to see this HUGE dragonfly!  It looked content in just sitting there in the sun, so I slowly stepped back to my place, returned with my camera and slowly got closer and closer with my macro lens to capture a few of these shots before and neighbor and his dog ran up and totally ruined everything, as the dragonfly flew away and I never saw it again.  Thanks neighbor and neighbor dog for being such a kill joy!  Well, maybe for the best, because I would likely have just hung out there all morning checking this awesome creature out- the colors are amazing and their vision, flying and hunting capabilities are on another level in the animal kingdom which you quickly watch here:

What an amazing way to start the day!

Dragonfly Insaneous Supercoolious

Dragonfly Tower DSC_6650
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