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January 29 2016

Throwing a little Life Style photography into your Head Shot Session!

Throwing a little life style and fun into your head shot session! My client wanted traditional studio head shots for his Linkedin Profile, but also wanted portraits of him showing some context, color, depth and personality.


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January 4 2016

Launch Your New Look in 2016!

When Victor Cho was appointed as CEO of Evite, his goal was to redefine the brand and the party planning space by, "...delivering products and services that make special events truly effortless for [their] customers."


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May 4 2015

Indulge yourself with a creative shoot that will make you look and feel great!

Many of my clients come to me because they HAVE to be photographed. I want to invite you to start thinking about WANTING to be photographed.  More...

Steven Gregory Photography a_ET28266

April 22 2015

Ninja Proposal Photographer Nearly Foiled by Rogue Man and His Dog!

The shot was lined up when THIS happend!  Read Here....

Steven Gregory Photography Ninja Proposal Photography_ET29164

April 15 2015

Parents are shocked when they see what this little boy does next.

Steven Gregory Photography l_ET27235 copy

March 28 2015

The Value of a Photography Session.

I recently attended a networking event during which I shared with someone that I am a photographer and upon hearing this , he rolled his eyes in slight exasperation, reached into his pocket, pulled out his cell phone, held it up as if taking a photo, put it back in his pocket and gave me a smirk.  Read more here...

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March 12 2015

Ninja Photography Proposal


Another successful strike for the Ninja Photo Proposal service I offer my clients! Read about it here...

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March 6 2015

Wine Tasting Never Looked So Good!

You're spending a small fortune on your next event, so go the extra mile in having it captured in vibrant style! More...

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March 1 2015


HardwareCon3 (HC3), a producer of events and accelerants for hardware startups, held it's conference at Zero Net Energy Center over the weekend designed to help founders propel their businesses to their next levels of success.  More...

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February 26th 2015

Kenu Products and Volcano Diving!

Kenu celebrating its new office space and expanding product line while showcasing amazing imagery captured by Sam Cossman’s insane descent into the fiery depths of the Marum Crater volcano!  More...

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February 20th 2015

Making Conventions look FUN!

How do you capture a photo of a person delivering a presentation look interesting?

Patience! And a whole lot of it! More...

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February 7th 2015

Meals on Wheels Recipient Shoot

Another example of why being a photographer has been such a rewarding experience for me!

Read about it here...

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February 1 2015

Beach Party in Winter

While the east coast is being hit with blizzards, last Sunday in SF was clear skies and a sun that was toasting the waterfront, so what better way to make the most of it than to celebrate your birthday than with a beach party with your closest friends!  



New Year, New You!

January 2015

Capture that 2015 New Year Resolution with Steven Gregory Photography!

What's your New Year's Resolution looking like?

New Job?

New Love?

New Body?

Celebrate your goals with a photo session to capture the spirit of starting the new year off right and feeling great about yourself! It's amazing how a great image of you will make you feel!

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The Holidays are Here!

Dec  2014

What better time to get married than exchanging vows as the  greatest gift to one another over the holiday season!

This wedding held in Gualala in Mendocino county was filled with great family and friends that made for fun and create images throughout the day and into the night!

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Fall is Here!

Nov 1 2014

Time to capture the falling of the leaves, the soft golden tones of the low sun in the sky and enjoying the remaining warmth before the rain and cold comes in!

Here, we're having fun in the neighbor's backyard on the rope swing. As photographer, my duty also includes setting my subject in motion to get the return swing coming right to me for this shot.  He could care less about me taking photos and in no time we have a new game in which he needs to tag me each time he swings by and I need to do everything I can to avoid him or I lost the game.  A win-win of an afternoon in my book- he's happy swinging on a Fall afternoon and I am capturing great moments his family willl enjoy for years to come.

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You and your best friend

Sept 20 2014

Your best friend welcomes you home each and every day with unconditional love. Your best friend always makes you feel better just by being there. Your best friend "gets" you and never judges. And when you think of your best friend, a warmth from within brings out that smile and sense of happiness in you.



Unique SF Signature Images

August 21 2014

We all live and breath the city, but when's the last time you stopped to really take in some of the unique sights and views this city has to offer? Let's capture a compelling portrait of you by using these landmarks as impactful backdrops to make that image really pop and show you in your element within this amazing city. You decided to live here- now let's go out and celebrate it with images of you living and loving it!

August 8th 2014

The BEST testimonial EVER!

If you are looking for a photographer that makes you and your kids at ease, these photos taken by one of the mom's from this shoot says it all!  More...

August 4th 2014

Super Husband Heeds Call to Marry!

No 9-5 office job can contain the call of love this man has for his finance!  More here...

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July 31 2014

Foster Doggie Glam Shots!

Meet foster doggie, "Aristocracy's Spiritual Journey of Chichic". Or as I like to call him, Mr Jojos! Read More...

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June 26 2014

Multi-Cultural Wedding!

What do you get when you cross a Chuppah with a Mariachi Band? One of the most intimate and happy weddings I have ever photographed! More...

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