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A City Hall Wedding

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A Point Reyes Get-Away Celebration!

This wedding was all about close family and friends coming together for a genuine, down-to-earth celebration in a pictueresque setting filled with wonderful sentiments,  hugs and laughs.

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A December Holiday Wedding!

What better time to get married than exchanging vows as the greatest gift to one another over the holiday season! This wedding held in Gualala in Mendocino county was filled with great family and friends that made for fun and creative images throughout the day and well into the night!

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A Barn-Burner of a Wedding in Napa!

Mixing a little country with urban class, this couple exchanged their vows by the vineyards then took to the barn transformed into the perfect venue to celebrate with family and friends!

Wedding Day with Home Field Advantage!

What better way to celebrate your wedding than in your own backyard in Petaluma to build upon the connection and memory of your family home!

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Mix Cultural Wedding!

What do you get when you mix a chuppah and Mariachi band?

One of the most endearing and warm wedding celebrations!

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An Intimate Country Club Wedding

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom during this Spring wedding day, with the setting sun creating beautiful contrasting light for wonderful black and white images.

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